Education 2.0: 5 Ways To Make Exceptional Lessons Of Yesterday The Educational Normal Of Today

In the 80s, as a music teacher for kids with labels and diagnoses, it was my joy to have had the forethought to have school systems buy mixing equipment and teach students how to use it. Was this outside-the-box education, or did I view the current trend and make it part of the classroom experience? Obviously, the latter. I hooked onto the present culture to make school relevant and valuable to students whose lives were, typically, out of control, and whose lives some would have said were barren due to lack of parents in their lives.

Today, the normal media used in school has changed, so there are more choices, easier accessibility and more flexible lessons using this new media. This fact is a small part of what defines Education 2.0. Using exceptional field trips, presentations, creativity and lessons as normal make it so.

Here are five immediate steps available to all schools now that, when employed, would transition us from getting stuck in uninspired rote education to the ever-changing current trends bringing value to our students. These methods include making the student more autonomous so that, when it is time for the student to become the teacher, the student is ready, willing and able.

1. Every teacher should be required to create a lesson every week that relates to current trends. Examples of these might be exploring methods of buying music online (to which a lesson on copyright would be appropriate), reporting on the newest piece of art in a museum (to which a lesson in appraisal and auction would be valuable), reporting on the changing trends in online education (to which a lesson in the pros and cons of schooling online or homeschooling would make sense for the sake of debate and staying current). The idea is to connect with the society and the world in which the student lives so that s/he receives value from the information and is in a better position to make informed choices, especially about education. Part of the assignment would require including one piece of startling statistical data, such as the amount of art that exists and the percentage of it that actually gets into a museum or comparing the percentage of college graduates who have come from online learning vs. brick-and-mortar education.

2.a. The school calendar should make time for a creativity fair: individual projects and a project as a class, nurturing individual prowess and exploration as well as developing cooperative interpersonal skills. In grades higher than eight, a philosophy and debate fair could be added. This focus would encourage students to develop discussions around their beliefs.

2.b. Every school should sponsor a Special Olympics event and assign one non-Special Olympian student to a Special Olympian in the school or in the direct community to assist with personal campaigning and banners and to provide all the flash and bang of the football game.

2.c. The school calendar should make time for a very special arts festival based on the original model where students without disabilities assist those with disabilities either in their school or in their direct community for the purpose of feeling the pride of arts presentation.

These events don’t negate the science fair, book fair or any other established events that enrich the cultural and academic lives of the children. They add the focus of community service for all students and celebrate the creative abilities of each student.

3. Every student should be required to tutor one person for one period a week. Most of the students with below grade point averages would be available at the current school. Others could be tutored through video call in neighboring schools. This teaches citizenship as well as particular internet video conferencing skills. It also makes every student responsible for every other student. Administration could provide below grade point students to students who are excelling. Administration would assist below grade point students in finding candidates for them to tutor.

This assigned task would satisfy the following maxims: teach what you want to learn, give unto others, get the incredible lesson of learning what your student has to teach, be giving because you are human and humane.

4. Two times a year, each class/grade/school should be prepared to be part of an artist’s gallery.(N.B.: the difference between 2.a. and 4. is in the focus. One focuses on being creative. The other focuses on the creating the gallery including the art itself. They are certainly interrelated.) All students would be involved in the production. Those whose photos, paintings, animations, movement arts, music arts, debates are worthy would be the exhibitors. Others would be the marketers, set designers, videographers, researchers for the debaters.

Local museum curators, choreographers, movie producers should be sent an invitation or a video of the gallery. The video of the gallery would be a living record for each student, and the event could be listed on personal resumes. This gallery would gently demonstrate to old-school teachers that integrated production builds cooperation, creativity, skill enhancement, but, most of all, connection and value to the educational process.

5. Within the school system, two times a year starting in the third grade, the school should provide a one-hour job fair. Local business experts would be called in to talk about their field, and all students would sign up for one of ten general categories of work: medical field, ranging from doctor to dental assistant; legal field, ranging from attorneys to police officers; construction, ranging from architects to crane operators to painters to maintenance crews; language, ranging from librarians to authors to copywriters to translators; marketers-online and off, including advertising, sales, marketing; public service, ranging from politicians to emergency managers to city managers to clergy; business and finance; ranging from mult-national CEOs to stock brokers to solo entrepreneurs; creative field, ranging from musicians to graphic artists to teachers (usually not appropriately places in this category); technology, ranging from software creators to systems administrators; science; alternative energy.

Everyone would get to listen to the subject matter and make a small connection with an expert in the field. Each student would fill out a job application. Student tutors of below grade point kids would have previously gone over the process of filling out job applications in preparation and would be available on site for help. Some students could also create the job applications for themselves and others.

In conclusion, we must build value into our lessons. It must be relevant to the lives of our students, and we must efficiently, kindly, quickly and internally assist those below grade point students in our school as if they are family. I agree with The Ron Clark Academy, where they offer global trips, sliding scale tuition, service to all levels of local Atlanta kids starting in the fifth grade with continued assistance in the lives of their students through college application.

It is thought by many that if a teacher doesn’t attract a student to learning by the fifth grade, s/he is probably lost to education. Therefore, it is our duty as educators to develop Education 2.0 in every school and school setting. As our education system becomes this, we can attract our students by building enough pathways so that they will trust us enough to study. The benefit to the teacher is in seeing the student succeed and in being able to use the creative process to create the most exhilarating lessons through nurturing and creativity. The benefit to the student is in utilizing the learning process to put down roots, in developing the ability to choose a path and in using these skills to succeed at what is ahead.

Home Based Business Ideas to Earn Extra Cash

There are many home based business ideas, which provide cash earnings to willing individuals. You can work at the comfort of the home and earn funds. All you need is to have a good attitude to work and must spend some time to do the work. The money can be used for some other things such as in paying a bill or for purchasing medicine, etc. Senior citizens care is one of the home based business ideas.

You can provide training to some young people, who are interested in looking after senior citizens. It has been found that both the husband and wife are busy in their professional engagements while the children are out at the school leaving senior citizens alone at the home. Many people want their parents to be looked after properly when they are away and hence it can be adopted as a profession to earn money as well.

Candle making is one lucrative home based business idea. You can impart the training work on how to make a candle. During festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, etc there are great demands for candles and people would like to make candles for business purpose. You can give job opportunities to some people in your nearby area with the knowledge of making candles.

You can teach them the art of preparing candles in different colors and different shapes and sizes. You can also sell the products to online stores. You can also initiate the idea of the handy-man service to help elderly for common errands. Some elderly people prefer someone to do odd jobs in their house. The people from handy-man service can help them.

Work at home is really an advantage for women. She remains there always in the house and is able to do both household work as well as home based business. Home-based daycare center is another business idea. Babysitting of some infants and children is also a great idea to earn money. You have to be very careful in the treatment with babies and need a qualified nurse or health worker for emergency situations.

Home gardener is another home based business idea. You can select some people, who are interested in doing the work and give training and offer jobs to your nearby area. Plenty of people do not have the time to look after the home garden. Such people are always in the look out of home gardeners.

The educated people can work through online facility if they are interested in writing career. Freelance writing is a decent option. As a writer, you can earn substantially well. One thing to recall is that you must not copy anything from the internet. You can research the net for the topic as you research the library book for writing. But you should write in your own words. You can earn money by doing online surveys as well. The advantage of this is that there is no fixed time for the work. You can use your spare time for doing surveys and earn money.

Business Opportunity – How Well Do You Understand MS Office For Your Home Based Business?

In this fast paced home based business world, you cannot think of installing windows operating system and not installing MS Office. It was introduced around the early nineties and it is compatible with Mac operating system as well. MS office has also become an integral tool to all the people who are involved in their business opportunity from homes.Few of its popular applications are Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft word. These applications are extensively used by millions of people in their everyday lives.The predominant features of MS office are the option to check grammar and spelling, website publishing, flexible integration of data and documentation in various formats. It is almost considered as a universal application which is used by both big and small industries.MS office will make it possible for you to work efficiently on various business opportunity requirements. You could do your reporting with the excel spreadsheet and you can process your documents by using Microsoft word. You can also paste the reports and documents on the PowerPoint files and make presentations.Microsoft Excel:The spreadsheets of Microsoft excel have a lot of calculating and charting functionalities. These applications can come very handy, especially for organizing your database. The functions like sorting, filtering and making charts are very prominently used by a lot of individuals.Microsoft Word:This is an excellent program with which you can process the documents. It is unanimously accepted and is widely used by most of the home based business computer users. The main features are checking for spelling and grammar and flexibility of using various formats.Microsoft PowerPoint:This is one of the most user friendly program with which you can design the presentations. The prominent feature of this application is making slide shows and dashboards. This application can come very handy when you are making the presentations for your business opportunity.Microsoft FrontPage:This is a very powerful program by using which you can create WebPages in just a few minutes. You do not need to know about the HTML coding to create the web pages. However, a little knowledge of HTML can help you with tweaking the templates.You might need to keep changing your website and contents every now and then. If you have started your home based business on a tight budget, you might really want to master this application and save on the money which you will be spending on hiring the web designers.However if you have upgraded to Vista for your home based business, you might want to make another choice. MS FrontPage is not useable by Vista.Microsoft Outlook:This is one of the widely used e-mail client program from Microsoft office. In this application, you can configure multiple e-mail IDs and access it from one single point. The prominent feature of this tool is the simplicity of documenting. The user interface is very easy since it resembles the Microsoft word.Apart from these, there are some other advanced programs like Microsoft Tally and Publisher which will assist you with many other aspects of your business opportunity. Overall Microsoft Office is the most accepted multifunctional package when compared with any other program for home based business.

Problems Faced by Home Based Business Owners

If you are thinking of starting a home based business, then this article is for you. First of all, I will like to tell you some of the issues that people came across while running their home based business.One was that kids many not adjust easily to the fact that their parents are not available or can be disturbed due to the ownership of the home based business. Another similar problem was the interruption from kids despite the “do not disturb” sign on the door or closed door policy.Another known problem was budgeting the time to ensure that suitable time could be spent with the kids. Guilty feelings for limiting the interaction with the kids, or your own parents, the great difficulty of saying “no” to your loved distractions, these are also some known problems.Apart from these, there are some problems like worrying about the customer that they might discover that you work from your home and think that you’re not professional enough or risk of burdening your professional relationships with personal issues or feeling isolated as having no one to talk with or having a lack of support staff to help with administrative things such as IT support or even invoices.As a home-based business owner, I think you many experienced some or all the problems above. The main point which comes through the conclusion is that working in a home-based business is not that easy as you think.There are many people who underestimate their discipline, determination, skills and adjustments that need to be made before they start their home based business. The only thing which they think is that it is very easy and after all how hard it can be to work with the comfort of your home.Most of the people working at home, surf the web aimlessly or do something other than working, only to realize that they wasted half of their doing and accomplishing nothing because there is no boss telling you what to do and until when to do, so you have to dig seep and find ways to be more productive rather than being destructive of your time.Working in home is so much harder than you think. Think about it how can a baby of 24 months understand or follow a “do not disturb sign”, the only thing he will do is banging on the door until it is opened for him to get in.Therefore, the right thing to do is accept that every place in your life will be full of its own challenges. The right key to these difficulties is hard work and accomplishing what you have set yourself to do. There will be ups and downs, but you will have to adjust yourself according to them because sooner or later you will realize that was the right and the easiest thing to do. In the end, if anyone, you find is thinking of starting their home based business, don’t forget to tell them the challenges they would be required to face.

Top 4 Legitimate Home-Based Businesses Available Online

It wasn’t always as easy to start a legitimate home-based business as it is now with the advent of internet. There are numerous home-based businesses out there but the sad part is that there are even more scams. If you can weed out those scams, the possibilities of legitimate home-based businesses are limitless. I am sure that you know several such success stories where people started their home-based business and went on to become successful millionaires.In this article I am going to list top 4 legitimate home-based business opportunities available on the internet that can be started with little or no capital.Information Product PromotionPeople are hungry for information. There are thousands of paid information products available on the internet and marketers promote them every day as their full time business. If you are an expert on a topic, you can create your own product or you can promote other people’s products as an affiliate. Many websites provide affiliate programs where you can promote products created by other people and earn 30% to even 90% commission. ClickBank is one such website that provides a variety of good quality product that sometimes can also be very easy to sell because all the work from developing a product to creating a sales page has already been done by experts and all you have to do is send visitors to the sales page through your affiliate link. This is probably one of the most profitable legitimate home-based businesses.ServicesThere is a huge market on the internet for service providers and freelancers. If you have skills you can leverage on your entrepreneurial drive such as graphic designing, copywriting, web development or maybe you are a research expert – you will always be able to find a huge demand for your services.ConsultationIf you are an expert, having a legitimate home-based business should be no problem for you – you can provide your expert advice through consultation services. For instance if you are a child psychology expert or a business reputation management expert, you’ll find that there are plenty of people out there who need your expert advice and are very willing to pay for it. Usually social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great places to build credibility and find clients who need your help. Having a business website and writing for different publishing networks as an expert is a great way to promote your consultation business.Blogging for MoneyThe best thing about making money with blogging is that you do not have to be an expert on your topics. Some bloggers would disagree with this but the fact is that there are many well monetized blogs that are not maintained by experts. You can monetize a blog by contextual and banner advertising using programs like Google AdSense. Lead based CPA offers – provided by sites like NeverBlueADS are also great for monetizing a blog. Another great way to monetize a blog is by posting paid reviews for other websites. There are different websites that can help you find clients who want to buy reviews on your blog. SponsoredReviews is one such service but there are many more out there. Last but not the least, you can promote affiliate products from your blog by posting reviews with your affiliate links. These are some of the reasons why blogging has gained so much popularity as one of the legitimate home-based businesses today.

Tips About a Home Based Business

Many people starting up a home-based business find it difficult to start working from home, especially if they have gone out to work every day of their working life.Having a home-based business is just like going to an office to do your daily work but without some of the negatives. You have flexibility in the working day because you spend less time travelling. For those new to a home based business are a few tips:-• Plan your working day and working week – so each day you know what you have to do before you start• Be disciplined – if your plan is to be in office at 9 make sure you are at your desk at 9• If your home-based business is part time and you only have, for example, a couple of hours a day to spend working, be disciplined and do those two hours a day – every day• The most important item you need when you have a home-based business is a desk – have an area of your home that you use as your office. It may be a spare bedroom, dining room or even a converted garage! Or you may be lucky enough to have a study already set up• You will need a phone. If you have a landline and want a separate number there are several options you may wish to look – internet phones or free phone numbers can both be obtained very cheaply• Access to the internet – a brilliant way to communicate with potential customers. If you have a Blackberry or equivalent then this will help you get started• Stationery – when many people start their own home-based business, they think they need letterheads, compliment slips, business cards and brochures. In most cases when you start perhaps the only one of these you will use is business cards – this may depend on your business. Don’t spend money on stationery unnecessarily until you need the items.• If you have family members in the house during the day make them aware that if you are in ‘your office’ and are not to be disturbed I have had a home based business for over 18 years, starting when I had two small children.I love having my office at home and I wouldn’t ever consider taking office premises. My office has a laptop, printer, photocopier, phones, radio – and more importantly no one to distract me! I think home-based businesses are the way forward, especially with so much work these days being done on the internet and with many having to pay for childcare.

Home-Based Business: Should You Start One?

You’ve asked yourself this question for the thousandth time. You’ve heard all the hype and skeptically turned your head away from the opportunity, only to find yourself attracted to it once again. You’ve seen the advertisements and laughed at the idea, but somewhere deep inside you wonder if it’s really possible.The question keeps coming back…Is it crazy starting a home-based business?With all the negative misconceptions surrounding home-based businesses, I feel it is important for you to understand the main reasons people start a home-based business in the first place. The purpose of this post is not to sell you on any one business opportunity or to convince you to even start your own business.The purpose is to help understand the mind-set of individuals who seek to create a different future for them self and/or their family. Perhaps you landed on this article, because you are looking for a better way to secure your future.Maybe you have already convinced yourself to start a home-based business, but are skeptical that you even have what it takes to succeed in your own business. Whatever your purpose may have been that found you reading this post, I hope you take away a fuller understanding of what led you to the world of entrepreneurship.It is well known that a home-based business is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, why do so many even venture into this career path?1. Dissatisfied With Current EmploymentHow many of you have walked into your place of employment bright and early on Monday morning and said to yourself, “I can’t wait for Friday afternoon to come!”? I can safely assume that the majority of you right now are raising your hand in your mind.There is no shame in feeling this way. Most of us live for our weekends, when we can relax with our families and get tasks completed from our to-do lists. We can sleep in past 6:00am and go to bed later than 9:00pm.Weekends = Freedom.Now, many are perfectly content with staying in their current 9:00-5:00 job. This is okay, because this equates to familiarity and stability for so many.For others, however, they are dissatisfied with their job and with the restrictiveness of its expectations. They are tired of missing birthdays and holidays, vacations with the family. We spend more time with our co-workers during the day than we do with our own family and friends.Activities and events are all planned around our work schedules and, many times, it is easier to just cancel the event than to try to request the time off from work.Now, there are two types of individuals who are dissatisfied with their current employment: those that are hungry to do something about it and those that will continue punching that time card. Again, it is respectable to stay in one’s current job, because they are taking care of their responsibilities and, possibly, working hard for that next promotion.However, for those that are hungry to make a change, starting a home-based business has proven to be the answer to their problem.As a home-based business owner, you make your own schedule and you dictate the amount of time you are able to spend with your family and friends. You are afforded the luxury of time, because there is no boss to report to but yourself.2. The EconomyIt is no secret that the state of today’s economy is one of uncertainty. Property values have fallen and unemployment rates have risen. Recent college graduates struggle to find employment, after racking up thousands of dollars in student loans. More and more families have to apply for government assistance just to meet their most basic needs.We are currently in the middle of a presidential election year and what has been a significant focus of both campaigns? The economy.With the current state of the economy, more and more people are looking for ways to secure their financial future, because they are not confident in placing this in the hands of their employers and of their government.With a home-based business, many have been able to start building a financial cushion for them self and for their family and all from the comfort of their own home. This is especially suitable for those currently employed and/or have families, as they are able to grow their business part time if need be.3. Financial Freedom & SecurityWith a home-based business, the potential to earn a significant amount of money is so much greater than with a traditional job. In a regular private or government job, the only way to increase your income is to obtain a promotion or get hired in a higher paying job.With a home-based business, your efforts and commitment truly does predict the amount of money you can earn. There is no interview, there is no politics. There is simply your ability to reach the maximum amount of your target audience (your ideal consumer) and be able to attract them to your product or opportunity.The dream of financial freedom and security is realistically attainable, and more individuals are recognizing this potential within the home-based business industry. Financial freedom and security is important to many in various ways, but there is one common benefit to all: the opportunity to live the lifestyle one has always dreamed of.

Inactive and Active Real Estate Agents in Ontario Who Park Their License – Explained

Before getting into the explanation of an inactive agent and an active agent we will begin with a short summary of how the real estate Brokerage system works in Ontario. We will refrain from getting into too much detail and thus the following will be a very simplified version.

In Ontario we have a Brokerage governing board called R.E.C.O. or the Real Estate Council of Ontario. A Brokerage is registered with R.E.C.O., pays its fees and dues which include errors and omissions insurance and is then ready to trade in real estate in the Province of Ontario only. The Owner/Broker may work alone as a single entity or invite licensed real estate salespeople and Brokers to join his or her Brokerage Firm and trade in real estate on behalf of the Brokerage.

A real estate Brokerage in Ontario may apply to become a member of its local real estate board. If accepted, the Brokerage will pay the board fees and dues which may include fees and dues applicable to the Ontario Real Estate Association and the Canadian Real Estate Association. If this option is taken by the Brokerage, then all the registered realty agents with this Brokerage must also become members and pay their applicable fees and dues to the said board and associations. In very rare cases, the Brokerage will cover these fees and dues for selected agents. The difference between being a board member or not is, the board members will have the privilege of all the services available to them from the board and associations including the multiple listing service which has proved invaluable to the real estate full timer and professional.

So, what is an inactive real estate agent? Simply put, an inactive agent in Ontario is one who is licensed under R.E.C.O. and for whatever reason has decided that he or she will not be trading in real estate and has not been doing so for a specified amount of time. There are still many agents in Ontario who remain with their current Brokerage and if that Brokerage is a board member, then even though an agent is inactive, he or she may still be paying fees and dues. Fees and dues may also include their Brokerage monthly fees, desk fees, franchise fees and other expenses. Since this is obviously a big waste of money these inactive agents will seek other Brokerages that will allow them to park their license without the wasted expenses.

Here are some of the terms used when referring to a Brokerage that will accept inactive real estate agents in Ontario. “Park your license”, “warehouse my license”, “hang my license”, “hold your license”, “real estate license holding company or Brokerage”, just to name a few.

A real estate agent who decides to park their license will still have some fees to pay but the difference will save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars yearly. Some of the fees will be to R.E.C.O. like their license registration fees due every 2 years and the errors and omissions insurance will still apply. In Ontario, they must earn 24 credits in their continuing education requirements as well and these credits are due on renewal.

What about the real estate Brokerage that provides the license holding services? Here the agent must do their due diligence. Seek out a trusted and proven Brokerage Office who is not a member of any real estate board. Ask for the highest commission split available to you in the event you do sell a property or 2 or if you refer sales out to other Brokerages or agents you may know. Even though your license is on Park, and you are inactive, your license in good standing is still active. Make sure you do not pay any ridiculous desk fees, extra monthly fees, franchise fees etc. Having said that, there most likely will be a small membership fee applicable for their services. Shop around for the best deal but remember to keep the experienced Brokerage that park or holds licenses a priority to you.

Inactive then, refers to the actual agent who is not active in the day to day trading of realty properties. As long as the license is registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario and remains in good standing, your real estate license is “active”. If you decide, as an agent, to become inactive, you now have a wonderful and money saving choice to transfer and join an Ontario Brokerage that you can park your license with. This Brokerage will hold your license and this will allow you the opportunity to keep your license active so it does not fall by the wayside and lapse or be terminated.

I shudder to think about if I had to go over the process and expense of getting my Realtor license all over again..yuk! If you now have this valuable asset and are thinking of becoming inactive for whatever reason, think hard about keeping your license active because you never know how valuable this asset will be for you in the future. Hang it, park it, warehouse it, hold it, keep it active! Good luck.

Always Bet on Safe Real Estate Investment Rather Than Quick Investment

Financial planning and investment is all about finding out where to invest your money so that you can get the best possible returns. Real estate investment has always been considered as safe because seldom the demand for real estate witnesses a dip. Property investment is the safest and there are strong reasons as to why it is given priority than other forms of investments like mutual funds, bonds, stocks and ETF. You can literally grow your money through property investment with minimum risk.

Investors skittish of stock market investments prefer to invest in the real estate market but there are many who have not yet got over the 2008 downturn. Scars of those days have not yet healed for many and they are not ready to invest just for the sake of property investment. They need strong and logical reason behind this investment; they prefer to wait it out rather than put in all their money hastily.

If you take property investment decisions in haste, chances are high that you will end up with something in your portfolio that would fail to produce the desired ROI. In property investment, only four different routes prevail; however, here we are going to look at only two of the most popular ones.

First: You can go ahead and invest in a rental property

Second: You can buy shares in the REIT or real estate investment trust

Buying the rental property is quite straightforward method wherein you buy a rental property and give it out on rent. However, this type of investment is not for everyone as many fail to juggle their professional lives and at the same time upkeep a property like a landlord. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the property you buy unless you are using the services of a management company. You can obviously use the services of a management company but be ready to take a cut in your profits.

On the other hand if you invest in REIT, you don’t have to actually own a property on the ground and go into the landlord-mode. It operates just like a mutual fund and the only difference here is that it is property investment. The trust is a group of investors who make property investment and lets the individual investors buy its shares. The trusts are able to receive tax benefits as they pay a major chunk of their income to their shareholders. You can buy shares on public investments, which implies that your investment is quite liquid. You are ensured of regular dividends.

Two other methods of property investment that are often used by investors include notes and croudfunding portals.

Notes – You will be able to invest in second mortgages, paper notes etc. You can even sell or buy notes just like other real estate invest estates. The best thing is that there are no brokers involved in this.

How To Succeed At Online Product Creation The Easy Way

Product creation could be a frightening subject for a lot of Internet marketers to face. Some folks who get in the game with the intention of making a full time income are completely ignorant as to how an online business operates. One of the most profitable ways to create online cash is by creating a product that others are happy to pay for.

Product creation is legitimate method of generating money through internet marketing but many entrepreneurs get it wrong. They start by imitating their Internet marketing gurus by creating information products on Internet marketing in hopes of getting rich the way their heroes did. The problem is that they usually don’t know what they are doing and enter a highly competitive niche with very little marketing experience or connections.

Here are a few tips for effective product creation that may help you get on the right track:
Start by finding a profitable niche with low to moderate competition. If you conduct some rudimentary market research and keyword research, you’ll find many opportunities in areas that will surprise you. Amazon and eBay are two great places to brainstorm for product ideas.

Developing Your Product does not have to be a difficult project. You can find experts in the right field for your niche and pay them to write the material while an artist designs the packaging and website or blog. You can outsource the entire product creation part of the project after you conduct the research and testing to ensure profitability.

Sales and marketing strategies should be created while developing the product and learning about the market. Some experienced marketers use pay per click to drive traffic to their offer page; some folks outsource the entire marketing campaign to affiliates through ClickBank or other affiliate programs.

Product creation does not need to be hard, particularly when the merchandise is electronic. E-books, videos, audio and multi-media products sell very well. They are distributed immediately to customers electronically. Once you have a good feel for a niche market, try to service your customers with associated products and upgrades. If you want to earn money online through product creation, you must understand supply and demand. The majority of new online marketers fail miserably because they go after highly competitive markets or forget to research their chosen niche properly. You have to create your products according to the needs, wants and desires of the prospective customers.